Welcome to THATCamp Buffalo 2015 at D’Youville College!

Digital Humanities: Emerging Possibilities for Scholarship and Pedagogy

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Information and computing technologies are rapidly changing the shape of traditional humanities teaching and research. Theoretical debates about these developments continue apace, yet there persists within the humanities a ‘digital divide.’ The Humanities and Technology Camp seeks to remedy this divide with hands-on workshops and interactive discussions aimed at disseminating skills, information, innovative technologies, and new methodologies for humanities teaching and research. What shape is Humanities teaching and research taking in the 21st century, and how is technology inflecting our work as humanists? What kinds of innovations are happening in our classrooms as a result of the new resources available to us through digital media, social media, and other computer-aided technologies? How are we thinking differently about teaching and how is our scholarship changing along with our teaching? How do our scholarship and teaching correlate with one another with regard to technological innovations? How do we maintain our stewardship of the past while forging bridges to the future? How can we use technologies organically to ask new questions about the issues that matter most for the Humanities? Finally, in the face of the barrage of articles in recent years about the so-called “death of the humanities,” shrinking enrollment, and a public increasingly skeptical about the value of a humanities education, how might the infusion of technological innovation into our curriculum, our teaching, and our research help us to answer these challenges?