THATCamp Buffalo 2015 Participants

Name eMail Twitter Handle Affiliation
@guerrilartivist D’Youville College
Brandon Absher @dbabsher D’Youville College
Manpreet Rai D’Youville College
Tim Bryant Buffalo State College
Mark Gallimore @Mark_Gallimore Canisius College
Christine Wallawander D’Youville College
Patrick Williams @activitystory Syracuse University
Marta Werner D’Youville College
Juilee Decker @RITmuse RIT
Cody Filardi UB
Daniel Kim Middlebury College
Cindi Tysick @tysick_cindi UB
Sam D’Amato @sam_damato D’Youville College
Renee Ruffino @designorr UB
Jennifer Cook @JSeamanCook UB
Joshua Gooch @joshua_gooch D’Youville College
 Molly Poremski @flyingnuns UB
Ron Snyder @rdsnyderjr JSTOR
Martin Brick Ohio Dominican
Gina Camodeca D’Youville College
Caitlin Diddams UB
Patricia Hoefler @peche580 U of Phoenix
Paola Kersch D’Youville College
Derek Seidman D’Youville College
Joseph Fostano
Lori Widzinski UB
Tammy McGovern Independent Artist
Celia White D’Youville College
Vincenzo Mistretta @mistrettav U of Southern Mississippi
Brian Milbrand Buffalo State College
James Gawley UB
Stephen Anstey Medaille College
Alex Reid UB
Jonathan Lawrence Canisius College
Jackie  Hart Buffalo Schools
Lisa Santos-Trode Buffalo Schools
Patti Abbott @pabor99 D’Youville College
Todd Walter @drtoddwalter D’Youville College
Damariz Hacker Buffalo Schools
Jeff Good UB
Noah Wilson @nhwlsn SUNY Geneseo
Eitan Freedenberg U of Rochester
Michelle Mounteney D’Youville College
Katie Bertel Buffalo State College
Jessica Bright UB
Neil Coffee UB
Nick Wasmoen UB

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