Propose a Saturday Session

On Saturday, we will be participating in sessions proposed and led by any and all participants of THATCamp Buffalo. This is your chance to propose a session on something that is your passion, something you’d like to learn more about with the help of others here, something you’ve been curious about, or something you’ve always done but want to try to do differently. Whether it’s a question about using devices in the classroom (ban them or incorporate them?), coming up with more creative assignments, using a particular software or platform in your research or teaching, pondering the affect of digital media on writing workshops, or anything and everything in between, this is YOUR time and space to explore and investigate what interests you. You may propose more than one session if you like (please, no more than two), and on Saturday morning, we will all vote on our three favorites. The 9 most-voted for will run.

Before you submit your proposal, check out the proposals that have already been submitted to see if yours is similar to something that someone else has proposed:
List of Proposals for Saturday

Use this form to describe and submit your proposal:
Session Submission Form


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